Information about reserving a kitten


Don’t be fooled by breeders selling unregistered kittens as they are for ‘pet homes only’ as all kittens should be leaving the breeder registered and with pedigrees.  Cats bought in the UK should be registered with GCCF, TICA or FIFe.

Kittens leaving our cattery are: 

  • Vaccinated twice at the age of 9 and 12 weeks 
  • Flea and worm treated 
  • Microchipped and their microchip number is registred and in the case of loss or theft, the chance of being reunited is higher
  • Completely independent and know how to use the litter box and scratching post 
  • Neutered which saves you stress and money in the future 
  • Registered with FIFe and have a 5 generation pedigree recognised worldwide

They leave us with:

  • A vaccination card 
  • 4 week insurance with PETPLAN 
  • A kitten pack for their first few days in their new home containing wet food, dry food, litter, treats, toys, a bed and a blanket 
Their new owners receive a kitten care booklet containing all the important information such as what food they are used to, litter, how to take care of a British Shorthair cat, and many more. 
  1. Kittens usually leave our cattery around the age of 14-15weeks but we reserve the right to delay the collection date. Kittens will NOT be leaving us earlier. 
  2. A kitten is only considered ‘reserved’ after we have received a deposit (non-refundable). Before you send the deposit you will be asked to read and sign a deposit contract.  After we receive a deposit you are sent a receipt by email. 
  3. We want our kittens to go to responsible homes and we reserve the right to change our decision and find the kitten a new family – in this case, we will refund you the deposit. The reason for refusal could also be the decision to leave the kitten with us. 
  4. We do have a waiting list in place and people on the waiting list are the first people notified about the birth of a new litter and are the first to select their kittens.

Kitten status explained: 

Available – a kitten is looking for a new family 

Reserved – we have received a deposit for the kitten and it is not available 

Breeding/show observation – we are observing the kitten and will potentially stay with us. You can still ask about such kitten as it may become availabl

If you are interested in one of our kittens, feel free to contact us. Please take the time to introduce yourself, along with the information about the potential home you may be able to offer.

A list of questions we believe you should ask yourself before considering getting a cat: 

  • What is your living situation? Do you live in a flat or a house? Are you renting or do you own the property? If renting, is your landlord happy for a cat to join you?
  • List all household members who live with you, what is their attitude towards getting a cat?
  • Which household member will be the main person taking care of the cat?
  • Are there any children in your family (if so, how old)?
  • Are there people allergic to cat hair in your home? (if there are children at home, have they had allergy tests?)
  • Do you have or have had pets in the past? Briefly describe your pets’ history (how did they end up in your home, how did they get along with other family members, did they have any health or behavioral problems?)
  • If you currently have a cat (s), are they regularly vaccinated against infectious diseases?
  • What will happen to your cat during your trips, holidays or any other type of long absence (e.g. hospital stay) etc.?
  • What will happen to the cat if you need to move (to a smaller apartment, another city, another country)?
  • Cats get sick – just like humans – and treatment is sometimes expensive. Caring for a cat also requires vaccinations, deworming, etc. Are you prepared for such expenses?
  • Do you have mesh-protected windows/balcony/garden door or how do you plan to protect your windows/balcony/garden door? Is your garden cat proofed?