Parents of Litter D

Ch. AYRA Lazur*PL
IMBIR Britcatustron*PL

We are happy to announce the birth of litter D on 6th November 2020. There are three kittens in Litter D: a blue boy, blue tortie girl and lilac tortie girl. This is Ayra’s first litter and she is a very loving and caring mummy. 

More photos of Litter D

DALIA Bluedolcevita*PL

Birth weight: 94g

Sex: Female 

Colour: Lilac tortie (BSH j)

Status: Lives with us 

DENVER Bluedolcevita*PL

Birth weight: 89g

Sex: Male 

Colour: Blue (BSH a) 

Status: Lives with Kritarth and his wife in London

DAISY Bluedolcevita*PL

Birth weight: 103g

Sex: Female 

Colour: Blue tortie (BSH g) 

Status: Lives with Hazel and her partner in London