Cat Show 7th and 8th September 2019

Club: The Viking Cat Club

Location: Royal Leamington Spa

Cats: Ayra Lazur*PL and Bagira Blue Adamas*PL


  • Ayra received 2x Ex1 as a junior and took part in a side class for the cutest kitten of the show
  • Bagira received two CAC certificates

Cat Show 7th and 8th December 2019

Club: The Garden of England Cat Club

Location: Colchester

Cats: Ayra Lazur*PL, Bagira Blue Adamas*PL and Bentley Blue Adamas*PL


  • Bagira received her last CAC certificate, finishing her Champion title. On Sunday she received a CACIB certificate
  • Bentley received two CAC certificates
  • Ayra got Ex2 on Saturday and on Sunday she got a CAC certificate